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NEW! Beta 150 Marine Diesel Engine


6 cylinders - 6.7 litre - 147bhp max at 2,800 rev/min - 1496 lbs.

Beta 150 Marine Diesel Engine


The Beta 150 has been specially developed for commercial Fishing Boats, Launches, Wide Beamers and Dutch Barges. It is a heavy duty - 6 cylinder - naturally aspirated - direct injection - producing 147 bhp at 2,800 rpm with a swept volume of 6,700 cc.

Its outstanding asset is the slow speed /high torque of 450Nm developed at 1,700 rev/min from an engine of solid construction that is not only smooth and quiet but also economic with direct injection. This engine is ‘Recreational Craft Directive’ emission compliant, and EPA compliant. Beta Marine - Beta 150 - 6 cylinder, naturally aspirated, diesel propulsion engine developing 147 bhp at 2,800 rpm with a swept volume of 6.7 litre. The engine is supplied complete with a heat exchanger and header tank, water cooled exhaust manifold, fresh and sea water pump, exhaust injection bend, mechanical fuel lift pump, fuel and oil filters, sump pump, flywheel housing, special quiet air intake filter, 12 volt starter, 90 amp battery charging alternator, shutdown solenoid, control panel "AB" (with tachometer/hour recorder, keystart switch and push button stop, warning lights and alarm buzzer for low oil pressure, high water temperature, no charge, and power on); a 3m interconnection cable with multi pin plug and socket to engine harness. Gearbox with nominal 2:1 reduction, heavy duty engine feet with flexible mountings, "Morse" type end fittings for speed and gear control, engine test certificate, operators manual. ‘Peacock Blue’ paint, packed on skid base and fully warranted by Beta Marine.

• Reliable heat exchanger cooled, naturally aspirated, direct injection diesel engine, based upon a IVECO-FPT block.
• Comined heat exchanger and water cooled exhaust manifold for reliabilty.
• PRM gearboxes with in-line, “down angle”, or Vee-drive solutions. Output rotation is clockwise in ahead viewed from gearbox end.
• Heavy duty power take off to drive auxiliary equipment.
Optional Extras
• Special engine feet to suit your installation requirements.
• Keel cooling.
• 12 Volt - 120 Amp; or 24 Volt 70 Amp alternator available.
• Control Panels B or C with gauges and alarms.


Beta 150 Marine Diesel Engine Specifications