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Beta Marine Generators powered by Kubota

Beta Marine Generator

When you want smooth reliable power, come to BETA MARINE for some of the most fuel efficient, quiet and trouble free marine generators available. Each complete set is run under full load at our factory to ensure output. Our claimed output for any set is the continuous rated output. The heat exchangers have removable end caps for easy servicing. Each set comes with a remote panel as standard.

Standard Equipment

• Single Bearing brushless generator 120/240v
• + 1% Solid-state voltage regulation
• 1800 RPM operating speed (60 cycles)
• 4 Point isolation mounts
• Automatic low oil pressure and high water temp shutdown system
• Fuel filter
• Heat exchanger cooling
• Remote engine control with plug in harness
• Hour meter
• Circuit breaker
• Oil change pump installed on engine
• Air intake silencer
• Stainless water injection elbow
• 3 year warranty on Kubota engine

Optional Equipment 



• Drip pan
• Keel cooling
• 50 Cycle operation (1500 RPM)
• 3 Phase generator wiring (changes generator output)


D1105 – 9.5Kw 
V1903 – 16Kw

V1505 – 12.5Kw

V2203 – 21Kw

Beta Marine Engines and Generators

Beta Marine - All The Power You Need 

Superb heat exchanger cooled engine range especially engineered for the yachtsman and work boats at an affordable price. Beta Marine has developed, over the last 20 years an enviable reputation for providing quiet and smooth running marine diesels to suit a wide range of applications at very competitive prices.

Fischer Panda Generators - The Most Powerful Generator You'll Never Hear!

When Space is tight, weight is critical or noise is an issue, many boaters are discovering that the ultra quiet, light Fischer Panda generator is their best option.

Fischer Panda AC generators are the only freshwater-cooled, asynchronous generators built for marine application.

Fischer-Panda generators

Fischer-Panda generators powered by Kubota

KUBOTA Peace of Mind . . . . Always!

Kubota is a world-leading manufacturer of compact multi-cylinder liquid cooled diesel engines up to 100HP.

Trust genuine Kubota parts to keep you up and running.