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Fischer-Panda Generators

Fischer Panda marine generators are the ideal choice for professional sailing and boating. Fischer Panda marine generators are compact, light, quiet and very efficient. The generatoring set is housed within a sound insulated capsule which shields against operational noise and vibration.A quiet generator is of upmost importance when pleasure cruising.


AC Diesel Generators

All Fischer Panda marine generators are 100% fresh water-cooled and provide extremely efficient power in a small, compact and lightweight package. The marine generators are so compactly constructed that they require only minimal onboard space. All Fischer Panda marine generators come with either a fiberglass or aluminum sound shield depending on model.

The Fischer Panda’s standard marine AC range includes 4kW, 6kW, 8kW, 12kW, 16kW and 22kW generators.


DC Diesel Generators

Fischer Panda offers a range of direct driven DC generators that addresses your DC requirements. With a starting range of 4kW and varying voltages we can support your DC charging needs. Our Fischer Panda AGT are powered by the robust freshwater cooled Kubota engines. These generators are small and lightweight, starting in at a mere 175 pounds for the 4kW and 265 pounds for the 6kW. Our fiberglass sound shields are standard with all the AGT. Custom kilowatt and voltages available upon request.

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Fischer Panda AGTPM4

175 lbs, Kubota EA300 horizontal diesel engine, 12 or 24 volts with custom voltages upon request.


Fischer Panda 4200 Mini Plus

230 lbs, Farymann 1 cyl. 34 amps. 54 dBa @ 7 meters, powerful enough to simultaneously start and run a 16,000 and 12,000 BTU air conditioner.


Fischer Panda AGTPM5000

288 lbs, Kubota Z•482 horizontal diesel engine. Available in 12 volts with custom voltages upon request.



Fischer Panda 4200 ECO

230 lbs, Farymann 1 cyl. 34 amps. 54 dBa @ 7 meters, ideal for compact installations on sailboats or smaller gas or diesel powered powerboats.


Fischer Panda AGTPM6

265 lbs. Kubota Z482 diesel engine. 52 dBa @ 7 meters.  Available in 24 or 48 volts with custom voltages upon request.



Fischer Panda 6500

350 lbs. Kubota Z482 2 cyl. 58 amps at 120 Volts. 52 dBa @ 7meters, ideal for most sailboats up to 42 feet or powerboats up to 36 feet.



Fischer Panda 8 Mini DP

350 lbs, Kubota Z482 2 cyl. 62 amps at 120 volts, 52 dBa @ 7 meters, this is a great generator for sailboats and powerboats.



Fischer Panda 12 Mini DP

410 lbs, Kubota D722 3 cyl. 96 amps at 120 volts. 54 dBa @ 7 meters, ideal for larger sailboats and the consumer packed powerboats.



Fischer Panda 15 DP

750 lbs. Kubota D1005 3 cyl. 130 amps at 120 volts, 55 dBa @ 7 meters.



Fischer Panda 20 DP

895 lbs.Kubota V1305 4 cyl. 180 amps at 120 volts, 55 dBa @ 7 meters.

All units have a five year warranty.

Prices are F.O.B. subject to change without notice.


Beta Marine - All The Power You Need 

Superb heat exchanger cooled engine range especially engineered for the yachtsman and work boats at an affordable price. Beta Marine has developed, over the last 20 years an enviable reputation for providing quiet and smooth running marine diesels to suit a wide range of applications at very competitive prices.

Fischer Panda Generators - The Most Powerful Generator You'll Never Hear!

When Space is tight, weight is critical or noise is an issue, many boaters are discovering that the ultra quiet, light Fischer Panda generator is their best option.

Fischer Panda AC generators are the only freshwater-cooled, asynchronous generators built for marine application.

KUBOTA Peace of Mind . . . . Always!

Kubota is a world-leading manufacturer of compact multi-cylinder liquid cooled diesel engines up to 100HP.

Trust genuine Kubota parts to keep you up and running.